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Jenna Jordan

Photos: 149
Video: 34 mins
Ethnicity: Other
Hair Color: Blonde
Body Type: Slim

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Jacuzzi Jerkin'
Jacuzzi Jerkin'
Featuring: Jenna Jordan
"Do you like my feet with all this water on them?" asks Jenna in her tiny bikini while perched at the edge of the hot tub, rubbing her horny feet and pouring hot water on them. The truth is that both Jenna and you know that you love her feet with all those water beads pouring off of them. Reminds you of her feet covered in your cum, don't they? You have imagined her tootsies coated and dripping with your seed, haven't you? Well, there is nothing like making your fantasy into reality. Pound her slick and dripping feet.
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