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Teenie Tootsies

Rating: 4.4/5 Stars
Featuring: Raven Lynn and Commando
Date: 01/13/2022
Duration: 20:20 min.

Raven's your average teen who likes to talk on the phone, text and go to the mall to find cute boys to hookup with. But she doesn't want to go all the way, yet. So when the cute guy she met at the food court keeps checking out her feet and then takes her number, she hopes he calls her for some good times. Our food court guy must know a good thing when he sees it, cause he calls her and asks to drop in at her house. And it's no surprise to her that when this guy comes over, he wants to rub her feet. That's when she tells him to take his pants off. You see Raven is good with her feet. How good? Good enough to stroke the cum out of this stiff one while rubbing on her juicy, pink pussy until she cums. And then she asks him to coat her teen tootsies with his jizz and plays with it. Smart girl..not a drop of cum goes to waste.
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